Vision & Mission Statement

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We are here for good and we are here to make perfection our crowning glory. We are neither money magicians, not charlatans promising the elixir of financial prosperity. We have however made it our business to continue winning - with the steady dexterity of a seasoned campaigner.

Paragon Finance Ltd Vision

To be a globally available organization offering sustainable solutions in asset and real estate finance.

Paragon Finance Ltd Mission

To provide the funds to eligible entities and providing assets at mutually beneficial terms so as to maximize the profit for its investors and owners and satisfaction to the customers and good working environment for the associates and colleagues.

Paragon Finance Ltd Values

• Timely services
• Keeping the commitment
• Be fair and ethical
• Strive for excellence

Paragon Finance is one such entity, quietly adding value. Single minded in its devotion to the the Goddess of Wealth. A company that believes in letting its figures speak for itself. It has been through the motions - of stock market upheavals, of black Mondays and crashes to bottomless pits and has been a quiet spectator - of not only those that shouted the shrillest, but also those that have littered the way, beating its on, well trodden, risk averse path to success. If you want to put it that way, yes! We are an old fashioned company doing business the traditional way. Our philosophy is simple - we believe in our self, take pride in our work, zealously guard our reputation, honour our commitments and love every moment. We do not crave for the moon - we are happy with the small stars that dot our horizon.