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Paragon Finance Ltd Paragon Finance Ltd is a socially responsible corporate citizen which believes in sustainable development with inclusive growth. All of us at Paragon - from the directors to the front line employees view ourselves as the trustees of our shareholder's wealth, the faith and goodwill of our customers and business associates and the custodian's of the Nation's wealth.

We are listed in the Mumbai Stock Exchange and it is a heartening fact that most of our shareholders have been with us since our inception - a rare honour that we cherish. Our efforts to ensure that we retain this trust makes sure that we maintain a shareholder grievance portfolio at a record zero level.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta is our designated shareholder services officer and has made it his mission to ensure that a Paragon stakeholder, continue to receive the most dedicated attention and prompt redressal.

We at Paragon comply with the rules and regulations laid down by various bodies as -
• Reserve Bank of India
• Securities Exchange Board of India
• Income Tax Act
• Companies Act
• Stock Exchange

Registrar & Transfer Agent

Name of The Registrar : Niche Technologies Pvt Ltd
Address : 3A Auckland Place
7th Floor, Room No. 7A & 7B,
Kolkata 700017
Phone : +91 33 2235-7270/ 7271; +91 33 2234-3576
Fax : +91 33 2215-6823
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