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Paragon Finance Limited is an Automobile Finance, Real Estate Projects Development, Construction & Planner, Investment Company. The world of finance - be that in the micro level providing seed money to entrepreneurs or the top end comprising of the high flyers with mind boggling resources at stake - is one of the most exciting fields to operate in. On the one hand are the mavericks of this world who hog the limelight with their ingenious ways and gather disciples by the dozens. On the other end of the spectrum, at a tiny corner are the "value players" entities, who consider money to be their raw material, their stock in trade - to be used wisely and judiciously for the creation of wealth. Here, "risk" is not a factor of reward, risk is the natural predator, to be guarded against at all times - the same way we guard against the other silent destroyer, "greed". Rewards are not spectacular but steady. And growth is measured in terms of a consistently rising performance graph.

In order to achieve its aim, the company is planning to diversify its activities and to take up Fee based activities also within its ambit. Presently the areas covered by the company are:

Paragon Finance Ltd