Company Insights

Paragon Finance Ltd Paragon Finance Ltd stepped into the finance market on the 21st Day of July, 1986, by the initiative of Late Shri Radhey Shyam Gupta at Kolkata with Mr. Aloke Gupta and Mr. Manoj Gupta as the First Directors. Paragon Finance Ltd is a NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Non Deposit taking NBFC. All the members of the company imbibe in them the core values of Paragon, which has helped us in the past and continues to help us remain what our name embodies - the Paragon of financial excellence.

Initially formed as “PARAGON FINANCE AND PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES LTD”, the company changed its name to “PARAGON FINANCE LTD” on the 16th Day of August, 1993 and till date is continuing with the same name. The Company came out with its Public Issue in the year 1995. Since then the Company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange  having a paid-up Share Capital of Rs. 425 Lacs.

Paragon Finance Ltd is playing a vital role in providing aid to the unemployed mass through easy and lucrative finance facility at easy on the pocket cost. Un cumbersome procedure with least formalities on the documentation part attract those who find it tough to get finance from the conventional modes of banks & other financial institutions. Thus we are providing employment to our citizens through economic aid via monthly installments for financing small and big commercial vehicles that gives earning in the hands of unemployed families. We have our reach at cities as well as outskirts of Jharkhand, Bihar, & West Bengal that helps to enhance our customer base over wide area. The business model of Paragon has evolved in such a manner that the company has some of the lowest default rates in the industry, not to mention a huge IRR of 24% from its core activities. This alone makes Paragon a much studied entity and perhaps explains the steady and stoical movement of it earning graphs, which seems unaffected by external factors.

We are deeply concerned about the poverty and economic starvation that we see around us. Like the visionary we understand the fact that the way out was not through doles, but through financial empowerment and with the life view, we started Paragon Finance, an entity dedicated providing finance to those on whom the doors of convectional credit was shut so that they too could join the economic mainstream. Today, many decades on, the dream has taken concrete shape and Paragon Finance Ltd is an unique entity which continues to instill the light of self reliance in the eyes of business associates. “ We have given more than 50000 vehicles to those outside the blanket of conventional credit, there by ensuring the survival of more than 250000 people directly.

Paragon Finance Ltd has remain unperturbed and has continued to grow, as greed is not our driving force, viewing ourselves as facilitators in the process of financial empowerment of those in need. We do not view ourselves as mere financers of commercial vehicles, but rather we are a part of family that owns and operates a commercial vehicles. Thus in extreme cases where our loans go bad, we not only know the reasons, but also have the rectifying medicines ready converting a threat into an opportunity.